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Kelsi Tyrrell:// Principal Consultant - Data & Development     Kelsi Tyrrell:// Principal Consultant - Data & Development     

Kelsi was born in Dunedin, moved to Central Otago as a wee kid and grew up there before ending up back in Dunedin. She decided to spread her wings to Melbourne for a few years, travel a little and has since moved home again to settle back where it all began.

Outside work, Kelsi enjoys getting out and about with her friends, playing sports and has a fairly recent found love for travelling/exploring new places. Oh, and of course enjoys the odd wine (or few) on the weekends.

Kelsi’s previous experience has predominantly been in regional management, however, a career change towards recruitment led her to join the team.

Kelsi is a Senior Recruitment Consultant and helps connect IT & Digital professionals with organisations across New Zealand.