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hein van der merwe

Hein van der Merwe:// Recruitment Consultant     Hein van der Merwe:// Recruitment Consultant     

Hein came to New Zealand from South Africa when he was 8, arriving in Auckland and working his way further South despite its proximity to Antarctica. Married with two children, he has settled in Dunedin for over 25 years and loves the pace and lifestyle down here, as well as the friendly Southern charm.

He helped his father to build his first computer at the age of 4 and has been enthralled by technology ever since, especially the intersection between tech and people. With years of experience as a consultant in a range of fields from Telco and Software Solutions to IoT, he has a keen interest in people and making a positive impact.

Hein believes in listening to you, adding value to your business through the right fit, and bringing great career opportunities to candidates in the region.

After work you can find him enjoying time with family in nature, renovating or exploring the latest online games.