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We need to write better adverts!

  • Tom Sweeney
  • 21 Jul 2022

Adverts are up, Applications down. Time for better ad writing from us all. 

Adverts – The stats are there and clear for everyone to see. The Job boards are heaving with adverts, the most they have ever had. 

Applications are down, before the pandemic applicants had to apply for 15 roles to get noticed, now it is less than 5 . So everyone can be picky about what they apply for and why they apply.

Adverts are an important part of recruitment, whether you are a Recruiter (Internal or Agency) or the hiring manager.

So why are people not spending time on writing adverts?  If you receive a badly written CV do you move on? So why would you expect people to apply to your badly written advert?

I don’t wake up in the morning going, “I need a New Challenge today”… or hoping “Opportunity Knocks” or looking for that “Leader in their Field” 
People want to know the purpose of the company, role, culture, lifestyle and why they are an “Awesome Place to Work” not just the tag line.

Please, (me included) lets up the game here. We will get better applicants if we have better adverts. 

I attended a webinar recently that gave a hand out, if you want a copy shoot me a message and I'll send it over.

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