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The Hybrid Working Model

  • Tom Sweeney
  • 2 Mar 2022

Some insights from Tom 

The Hybrid working model… It’s something that comes up a lot and I was watching the news  last night where they did a piece on it. 


Many believe it’s the way forward,  stats show its good but also show that people crave face to face interaction with their teams. 

(71 percent of New Zealand’s workforce want flexible remote work options to continue, yet 65 percent also crave face-to-face  time with their teams)

For me, I like the hybrid way. I have a lot of admin to get through and when at home I get that done. But that’s probably one day, the rest of the week I like the banter the team bring, the ideas and the noise of a busy office. I know some of the team thrive at home and that some are better in the office, so we have options at Crew that suit everyone.

Hybrid seems to be the best option but how do you manage that when you have a team all over the country?


What’s your model and how do you prefer to work?