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Potentia and Crew Technology Recruitment Announce Merger

  • 27 Feb 2024

Creating Aotearoa New Zealand’s largest locally-owned technology recruitment business

In a landmark move for the technology recruitment industry, Potentia and Crew Technology Recruitment have announced their decision to merge, establishing the largest national technology recruitment agency in Aotearoa New Zealand. This strategic alliance is set to redefine the technology recruitment landscape across both the North and South Islands, leveraging nearly two decades of industry leadership and innovation.

Strategic Growth Through Unity

Crew Technology Recruitment has established itself as the foremost technology-specialised recruitment agency in the South Island, equally committed to expanding its reach into the North Island. Crew shares Potentia's commitment to fostering the technology community and building lasting relationships with clients and candidates alike.

Simultaneously, since its foundation in 2004, Potentia has emerged as a key figure in the North Island's technology recruitment sector, consistently achieving top rankings among agencies. With ambitions to broaden its influence to the South Island, Potentia sought a partner that mirrored its ethos and aspirations.

This mutual ambition to extend their geographic footprint has led to a strategic partnership between Potentia and Crew, founded on mutual respect, shared values, and a unified vision for the future of technology recruitment across New Zealand.

A Merger of Equals

This merger is a celebration of two like-minded entities coming together to propel New Zealand’s technology sector forward. Both Potentia and Crew Technology Recruitment will continue to operate under their established brands, with no changes to their names or leadership teams. Clients and candidates can expect the same exceptional service, now enhanced by a broader network, increased resources, and a more extensive pool of opportunities.

A Future Forward

This collaboration marks a significant step in strengthening New Zealand’s position in the global technology arena, promoting innovation, and enriching the talent acquisition process. The unified effort will contribute substantially to the industry's growth, offering unparalleled support to technology professionals and companies across the nation.


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