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  • Tom Sweeney
  • 23 Mar 2022

How Busy are we, Tom gives us som of his thoughts. 

Busyness, is it real? ⌚

Everyone is busy, I can’t ask “how are you?” without someone saying busy…. Including me. 

Yesterday morning, whilst having a coffee I got stuck on Instagram Reels for 15 mins looking at drunk people doing things, runners, and people carrying Schooners. I can’t be that busy.

I love a plan, the only time I say I am “too busy” is when someone comes and throws an extra meeting in for the day, or a call I wasn’t expecting or something I had not planned. This stuff stresses me out.

So, I have started leaving gaps in my planner for the unexpected, adding in a lunch walk, (morning runs are always in there ) and adding personal time. It’s really important to have time to yourself or for when your friend turns up at work unannounced and wants to go for a coffee. Spontaneous and me don’t really go hand in hand but I am going to try and be a bit better here.

So for me, minimalize social media, more time for spontaneous events, value my idle time and no screens when eating lunch.

My wife said something the other day that has me thinking about communicating “too busy”. Her manager uses “full”, “I am too full today for that meeting. Can we do another day….” So, here’s to being too full